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Michal crawford-zimring

Environmental Artist/Activist

Founded,produced and hosted by Michal Crawford-Zimring, Environmental Voices Rising - Women at the Mic  is a podcast that bravely ushers in the timely and most vital conversations for humanity today: solutions to global climate change. Dominant media messages of doom and gloom turn out to be counterproductive because fear is not really a motivator for climate action. What does motivate and inspire action are transformative narratives with winning practical solutions. Michal, an environmental artist/designer has put together a platform that shifts the focus of climate change narratives to bring you inspirational stories from women environmentalists. She interviews these women to amplify their untold success stories and inspire an audience of caring people who want to find a way to make a difference. These conversations help us understand that 'we are all in this together.'

Uniquely qualified, Michal has a Master's in Sustainable Design, with an emphasis on Biomimicry, Green Architecture and Habitat Restoration. She has studied Systems Theory, worked with local non-profits for habitat restoration, eco-art projects and women's leadership.

core values

  • Our interviewees are unique, solution-oriented, boots-on-the-ground women environmental leaders.

  • They support a larger vision for a sustainable and equitable life on this planet.

  • We deeply care about what we do and we believe in the power of the voice and the action of dedicated people to effect change.

  • We share our guests passions and values.

  • We merge, heart, passion and strategy to our communications.

  • We care about our listeners and their desires to be part of the solution.

​Each of our interviewees is unique and solution oriented with years of experience in working to develop and create sustainable environmental projects that have brought results and benefits to the communities they serve.

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