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What is Environmental Reciprocity?

Responding to one positive action with another positive action

Reciprocity was a cornerstone of ancient Greece - in the form of giving gifts.

“Whatever we do to the land, which is our source of life, we do to ourselves…. kinship and guardianship are necessary for our very survival." ~Melissa Nelson, coauthor of Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

what gifts have mother earth given you?

Did You Take A Breath of Fresh Air Today?

Mother Nature Gave You A Gift!

Did You Drink A Glass of Fresh Water Today?

Mother Nature Gave You A Gift!

Did You Have Fresh Fruit or Vegetables Today?

Mother Nature Gave You A Gift!


On EARTH DAY what can you give to MOTHER EARTH?

Happy Earth Day from Environmental Voices Rising. Learn more about reciprocity from our latest podcast - Women at the Mic.

ENVR.Earth is a publication of Environmental Voices Rising. Our podcast Women at the Mic has more stories from women working on climate change solutions and is available at the usual podcast sites and on our website.

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