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Podcast Resources 

Environmental Voices Rising - Women at the Mic, is a podcast that bravely ushers in the most timely conversations for humanity today: reversing - not just slowing - global climate change. 

Below we are pleased to feature our guests' organizations with helpful links to assist in becoming part of the solution.  Happy browsing!

Season 1

Season 1: Episode 1
Oysters and Climate Change


Wild Oyster Project

Works to restore native oysters to San Francisco Bay, to clean the water, and mitigate sea-level rise.

Save The Bay

San Francisco regional organization working to protect and restore water and coastal habitat.

Season 1: Episode 2
Women and Land


Women's Earth Alliance

Global organization that trains and supports grass-roots women’s environmental efforts to build healthy sustainable communities.

Season 1: Episode 3
Tomato Bliss


Tomato Bliss and Lotus Flower Farm

Independent sustainable farmers grow heirloom tomatoes.

Kiss the Ground - The Movic

A movie about regenerative farming and restoring soil to grow healthy food.

Season 1: Episode 4
Money Talks Sustainable Business, Shopping and Innovation


Live Creative Studio

A sustainable business, marketing, shopping hub.  Sign up for the Get Real newsletter.

Season 1: Episode 5
Green Infrastructure


Season 1: Episode 6
Environmental Art Creates Solutions

Season 2

Season 2: Episode 1
Upcycling Food Waste


Season 2: Episode 2
Sustainable Fashion


Season 2: Episode 3
What Am I Going To Do With All This Stuff? Recycling to Reuse.



Video:  Jeans Into Insulation

Season 2: Episode 4
Hope – Changing the Way We Think Helps Us Solve Environmental Problems


Season 2: Episode 5
Ancestral Knowledge – Reciprocity and Environmental Activism


Music Videos

Carlos Rene Crespo:

Playing and Singing in Quechua:

Season 2: Episode 6
Youth, Gaming, and Climate Solutions
The Next Generation Is On It

EVR - Youth Network (1).jpg
Season 3

Season 3: Episode 1
She Changes Climate - Women's Leadership in Climate Action




The Hunger Project:


She Changes Climate:

Season 3: Episode 2
The Green Amendment - How We Can Speak For Our Environmental Rights 

Delaware Riverkeeper Network



Green Amendments for the Generations Website:

Delaware Riverkeeper Network:

Link to Buy The Green Amendment Book:

Season 3: Episode 3
Visioning the Future - A New Climate Culture




New Climate Culture:

Season 3: Episode 4
Bio-Plastics, Solar Lamps, and the FrogID App: COOL Solutions for Reversing Global Warming



COOL: Women Leaders Reversing Global Warming

Project Drawdown:   


Photo Credit: Scott Sangster. Image of Paola and her granddaughter and co-author, Avery Sangster.

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